Meet The Dream Teams

hufflepuff gio,josh,andrew

This year we have two exceptional teams, pictured with the trophy is team Hufflepuff, comprised of students from Spring Mills HS, Washington HS, and Musselman HS. Until we created this afterschool vex team these many of these students did not know each other. In just a few short weeks they constructed, programmed and documented a bot that has won an Excellance Award and a Design Award in state qualifying matches.

Checking out the program on the computer are memebers of team Gryffindor. Captained by a Senior Hedgesville student and surrounded by juniors from Spring Mills and Berkeley Springs, this team has qualified in every state meet withing the top 8 teams and is currently ranked fourth in the state robotic skills, which includes both driving skills and autonomous skills. (Missing from this picture is the driver a Hedgesville student, who is a Masonry student at James Rumsey.