The Tri-County Robotics Team is seeking sponsorships and donations from several entities including companies and private citizens; these entities will be recognized for their assistance in several ways. The Tri-County Robotics Team is located at James Rumsey Technical Institute in Hedgesville, WV. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Vex has become the robotics program of choice for most middle, high-school and college robotics teams. Tri-County Robotics utilizes VEX and VEX IQ for middle and high school and is still active in First Lego League. The team is organized and staffed entirely by Teachers, past graduates and a parent booster club. Additionally, the team often looks to professionals in programming, mechanical engineering, eletrical engineering and marketing to help keep the team current and on the cutting age. Active sponsors allows Tri-County Robotics to keep students engaged, active in thier community and helps remove the financial burden from those students where finanaces cause hardships.

What we represent:

Tri-County Robotics Team was founded by Chuck McClain and Jessie Butcher at James Rumsey Technical Institute. The Tri-County Robotics was named due to being made available to all schools in the Tri-County area, including Berkeley County Schools, Jefferson County Schools, and Morgan County Schools.


Through the program, students are able to:
• Apply engineering principles to the design, build, and operation of robots for competitions
• Learn and use CAD and other engineering software
• Hands-on experience with multi-disciplinary collaborative problem solving
• Program robots for both autonomous and human operated modes
• Travel to competitions to
• Volunteer in their community
• Network with industry and engineering firms and companies

Team Organization:
• 30 students
• 6 mentors
• 2 teachers

Team Impact:
• Alumni in STEM fields
• Participation in community events
• Participation in school events

As a Robotics Team, there are many costs associated with running a team. Below is a list of specific items that the team is fundraising money for, in addition to the general costs associated with running the team.


Number Needed

Single-Item Cost

Final Cost

Robotics Kits




Pit Equipment




Pit Banner and
Sponsor Banner




Team t-shirts








Robot Materials Cost




Build Season Food




Buses to Field Trips
and Events