Meet The Coaches & Advisor

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Our first coach was a graduate from Hedgesville, HS in 2014. Zach was a member of the first Vex team from the state of WV to represent the state in the World Competition in Anaheim, CA. Zach is our mechanical guru, and helps the teams think through their problem solving when it comes to the build. Zach is an entrepreneur, and owns his own lawn care business is in the area. He is an avid hobbyist in radio controlled aviation and in general loves tech.

The next coach graduated from Rumsey in 2016, he participated in Vex and represented the state in skills last year. Currently he is attending Blue Ridge studying cyber security. He has aspirattions of eventually becoming an officer in the United States Air Force and eventually holding a political office first locally, then who knows. He is our specialist when it comes to programming and troublshooting. Team members relate well to Josh, perhaps because he is a gamer when not working at the DQ in Inwood and studying for courses at Blue Ridge. He hopes to graduate in December with different associated degrees from Blue Ridge, a very busy young man.

Chuck is the advisor for the group. He has been an instructor at James Rumsey since 1999 and currently help students with Web and Game development, he also serves as the afternoon roboitics instructor. Chuck has been involved with VEX since 2014, this is the first year the team has expanded to include all three counties, and invites all students from those high schools to join the team. VEX is a great activity to help young people to learn how to problem solve, improve the self-esteem and find out if a STEM career path is the right choice.